FAQ on Travel Rewards Credit Cards

British Airways Visa Signature® Credit Card

How many miles/points do I need? Most airlines’ rewards programs require 25,000 reward miles/points to get a free roundtrip flight within the continental U.S. How much does a reward flight actually cost? We’ve seen redemption fees as low as $2.50 each way up to a few hundred dollars, with most fees totaling less than $75 for both [...]

How Long Does It Take to Get a Cheap Flight from a Travel Rewards Credit Card?

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One of the questions I get asked most often is, “How far in advance of my trip do I need to apply for a travel rewards credit card?” Or, “I want to book a trip this week. Do I have time to use your credit card miles method?” These are important answers to know because nearly-free, [...]

How to Fly Cheap or Free with the Best Airline Credit Cards

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Airline credit cards are one of several ways to earn free travel, and you don’t have to ruin your credit or go into debt to do it. Credit cards are simply the easiest method for a lot of people because your existing monthly expenses and daily spending habits can earn you free travel, thus saving you hundreds to [...]

7 Ways to Fly Cheap or Free

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I’ve saved over $10,000 in airfare all over the world, and you can do the same with any of these seven methods. You don’t have to be a frequent flier, a business traveler, or go into credit card debt to do it. There should be at least one method here that anyone can use. You [...]